Can one do without a Gemplus/Schlumberger devolopment kit?
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Posted By:   Mika_Cohen
Posted On:   Friday, October 5, 2001 06:25 AM

Hello all!

Is it possible, with just a card
reader and a Java card, to install
an applet on the card (and talk to
it)? Or do I need the whole
Gemplus/Schlumberger devolopment

Re: Can one do without a Gemplus/Schlumberger devolopment kit?

Posted By:   pramod_kadam  
Posted On:   Tuesday, October 30, 2001 04:27 AM

Yes, it is possible to Load an Applet onto the GemXpresso 211 PK Smart Card
without the GemXpresso RAD Development Kit. However, it is EXTREMELY
difficult to do so. You will need to use Sun Microsystems JDK to Develop the
Applets and Load them onto the GemXpresso Smart Card.

The GemXpresso RAD Kit provides you with ALL the Tools, Documentation, Software
Pilot, and Samples for Easy and Fast Development and Deployment to your
GemXpresso Smart Cards for your Application. We encourage you to use the
GemXpresso RAD Kit to assist your your Deployment Project. We do not provide
Technical Support for the GemXpresso 211PK Smart Card WITHOUT the use of the
GemXpresso RAD Kit. You must use this kit to receive technical support on this
product by Gemplus.
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