Logging onto a RMI server through netscape
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Posted By:   Ivn_Tcakov
Posted On:   Friday, August 31, 2001 01:04 PM

I am trying to connect to a server through RMI with an
applet (client) loaded in netscape. However, the server
is not on the same machine (host) as the client.
It is giving me this exeption
security. COuldn;t connect to 'musr.triumf.ca' with origin from..
and I also read on the web that netscape can't have
this option to connect to a server on a different machine.
Is this true? If it is, what are my options (other
than appletviewer, but rather in netscape)
Hope someone has some solution
thanks Ivan

Re: Logging onto a RMI server through netscape

Posted By:   Dave_Bucci  
Posted On:   Tuesday, December 11, 2001 10:01 AM

Ivan, this is basic applet security, that by default an applet can only establish a network connection back to the host from which the class loader downloaded the applet. If the applet .class or .jar file is on the same server (musr.triumf.ca) you should not be having a problem.

Assuming that's not the case, your options are to either sign the applet and give it security rights to establish network connections, or have users adjust their Java policy file to permit the access. For instructions on either, do a search in this faq.
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