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Posted By:   Anonymous
Posted On:   Saturday, August 25, 2001 05:45 PM

Hi all...

I have various JButtons which once selected by the user append the users input to the TextArea.

What I wanted was to add the "" to my JTextArea.

I tried defining 2 String variables:
String a = " ' "
String b = " ' "
I tried concatenating these in order to append them, however the compiler does not recognise these as valid.

Any help much appreciated...

Re: Adding Characters to Comments

Posted By:   David_Cole  
Posted On:   Saturday, August 25, 2001 09:54 PM

Here is a simple example to demonstrate the above:

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.BorderLayout;

public class JTextAreaTest
extends JFrame implements ActionListener
private JButton theButton;
private JTextArea theTextArea;
private JTextField theTextField;

public JTextAreaTest()
super("The Frame");
theButton = new JButton("Add Text");
theTextField = new JTextField(20);
theTextArea = new JTextArea("",15,30);

this.getContentPane().setLayout(new BorderLayout());

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae)
String quote = """;
+ quote + theTextField.getText() + quote );

public static void main(String[] args)
JTextAreaTest JTextAreaTest = new JTextAreaTest();

Re: Adding Characters to Comments

Posted By:   David_Cole  
Posted On:   Saturday, August 25, 2001 09:47 PM

To create a String with a quote you need to use the escape character

For example for a single quote:

String s = """;

And for a double quote:

String s = """";

Finally the same applies for an apostrophe:

String s = "\'";

Good Luck.

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