How to print data in xml file applying stylesheet
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Posted By:   rajesh_koneru
Posted On:   Friday, August 24, 2001 05:44 AM

I am trying to print the data on a statement (Ex: Like bank statement ).

Xml file has the required data. I had to read the data and format it (like Account number must be displayed on top right most corner of the page, Transactions in the middle of the page etc..) I had to print a statement with the above style.
I appreciate if any one guide me how to do this task.

Re: How to print data in xml file applying stylesheet

Posted By:   Bozidar_Dangubic  
Posted On:   Friday, August 24, 2001 09:14 AM

i suggest you create the look of the statement statically, with plain HTML. once you are satsified with the look, remove static data from the HTML and wrap your stylesheet through templates around the static look and feel you have created. I frequently use this technique and it always seems to produce good results. It also allows you to have your HTML created by someone who is great at that and you can add data population later. here is a simple example for you.

Static HTML

< p>static text here:< /p>
< ol>
< li>static list item 1
< li>static list item 2

your xml file could be like this,

static text here

static list item 1
static list item 2

finally, your stylesheet to use HTML to process xml file to look exactly like the original static HTML could be,

< p>

< ol>

< li>

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