Are JMS + MQ compatible?
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Posted By:   Max_Tomlinson
Posted On:   Thursday, August 16, 2001 10:45 AM

Hi all-

I'm working with MA88 (IBM's release of JMS that uses MQ5.2) and I made the assumption that I could send a JMS message to a receiver that would read it using the older MQ 5.2 MQI (since MA88 is a type of JMS-MQ bridge). It seems that I am wrong, that the message includes a JMS header which screws up the receiver.

Someone told me I can omit this header for such clients? Is this possible?

Are JMS and MQ (under IBM) interoperable?


Max Tomlinson

Re: Are JMS + MQ compatible?

Posted By:   Edward_Kaszubowski  
Posted On:   Thursday, August 23, 2001 09:44 AM

I think this pertains.

--------from the IBM/MQ docs---------

MQSeries messages are composed of three components:

The MQSeries Message Descriptor (MQMD)

An MQSeries MQRFH2 header

The message body.

The MQRFH2 is optional, and its inclusion in an outgoing message is governed by
a flag in the JMS Destination class. You can set this flag using the MQSeries JMS
administration tool. Because the MQRFH2 carries JMS-specific information, always
include it in the message when the sender knows that the receiving destination is a
JMS application. Normally, omit the MQRFH2 when sending a message directly to
a non-JMS application (MQSeries Native application). This is because such an
application does not expect an MQRFH2 in its MQSeries message. Figure 4 shows
how the structure of a JMS message is transformed to an MQSeries message and
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