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Posted By:   filip_sergiu
Posted On:   Saturday, August 11, 2001 02:24 AM

i want to access inbox from outlook express

Re: connect to outlook

Posted By:   Marcel_Offermans  
Posted On:   Saturday, August 11, 2001 03:00 AM

Outlook Express is an e-mail program that connects to a server and fetches e-mail from that server. Basically, there are two protocols to do that: POP3 and IMAP. Both are supported by JavaMail.

So it is possible to use the JavaMail API to connect to the same server. However, due to the nature of POP3, where mail is deleted from the server and transferred to Outlook Express (and stored there in some non-standard format), it is impossible to access the mail once it's in Outlook Express. When you use IMAP, the mail remains on the server and is accessible by any program that supports IMAP.

Of course it is possible to reverse engineer the storage format used by Outlook Express and write some code to access it. Perhaps someone has already done that. But in general, you're out of luck once mail is stored in an e-mail program's internal format.

Outlook (not the Express version) uses MAPI, a "standard" defined by Microsoft. There currently is no free implementation of MAPI (known to me) that can be used with JavaMail, although it is possible to write such an implementation (at least for Windows, using JNI).

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