help with JBuilder3 needed!!
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Posted By:   Vishal_Patel
Posted On:   Wednesday, August 8, 2001 04:00 AM

I am new to Java but i need to develop something quick. I used the tutorial in JBuilder3 to create an application which allows a uer to open/save/write text files (youve probably done it yourseld :)
However the application only opens up .txt files, what i would like is when the uer chooses to open say "ecomm.asp" then the application opens up the file in a browser - viewable as an html file on the web.
How do I alter my code which i already have to do this??

Hope i havent confused u guys :)
help will be appreciated!

Re: help with JBuilder3 needed!!

Posted By:   Naveed_Azhar  
Posted On:   Wednesday, August 8, 2001 08:06 AM

Hi there

What I get from your question is, you want to enable extension *.asp ( as well as *.txt ) in your FileDialog. If that is, you should use FileFilter abstract class ( subclass it and override method boolean accept (File) )

You can get a nice example in Jbuilder 3 ( in SamplesjdkdemojfcFileChooserDemo directory ). Hope it works!!

Naveed Azhar

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