How do I force an Applet to repaint?
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Posted By:   Kim_Reed
Posted On:   Wednesday, August 1, 2001 10:43 AM

How do I force an applet to repaint? I have a applet that works perfectly in netscape and explorer on the pc but when the applet is loaded and started in explorer on a macitosh, I see it being drawn and then it gets painted over by the window background color. When I click on the individual components, they are repainted and show up. Another strange thing is, if I keep moving the mouse over the applet until it is done loading and painting it does not get painted over, but if the window is covered up or minimized the applet doesn't get repainted. Unfortunately most of the people using this applet will have macs.
If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Re: How do I force an Applet to repaint?

Posted By:   David_Wu  
Posted On:   Friday, November 9, 2001 07:43 AM

I have a similar problem. I have several applets on a single html page. When scroll up or down in the Mac IE 5.0 Browser, I noticed that all applets are not repaint correctly. I further found out that when each Applet is hidden and shown again, the Browser calls the init and start methods but not the paint method. This tells me, the IE 5.0 is not properly working with Applet's paint. So I think the problem is in IE. If you found a answer for this problem. Please let me know.
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