ClassLoading and SecurityManager
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Posted By:   Craig_Reichenbach
Posted On:   Friday, July 27, 2001 08:39 AM

Hi, I'm unfamiliar with security with respect to class loading. I just learned that you can't load "java.[anything]" classes from the classpath. Rather they have to be loaded from the boot classpath. I'm sorry to say I'm not sure why this is. Can someone explain and point me to some security resources? Thanks a lot.

-Craig R.

Re: ClassLoading and SecurityManager

Posted By:   John_Mitchell  
Posted On:   Friday, July 27, 2001 11:42 AM

The simple answer is that it's that way for "security". :-)

The longer answer is that the core java.* classes must be able to be "trusted" by the run-time system to be secure. Those classes are part of the "basis set" of functionality upon which all the security of a Java system are built.

In terms of resources, check out the "Related Links" box in gutter to the right and check out any of the good Java Security books.

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