Can I control the ports used by RMI
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Posted By:   Satish_Mokkapati
Posted On:   Tuesday, July 24, 2001 12:26 PM

I want to open the firewall between the client and the server only on
specific ports.

I understand that I should use the port 1099 for the registry.

I can also specify that a server object should listen on a specific
port that I can pass to the constructor.

Will this be sufficient, or do I still need other ports opened ?

Thanks !

Re: Can I control the ports used by RMI

Posted By:   Jason_Stahl  
Posted On:   Tuesday, February 19, 2002 11:19 AM

If you open the fire wall on ports 1099 and the port that your RMI server object listens to, this should be sufficient.

Also, you can tell the registry to run on a port other then 1099 by passing that as an argument (via the command line or with the java.rmi.registry.LocateRegistry.createRegistry() methods. You would then have to open that port instead of (or in addition to if you are running more then one registry) 1099 in the firewall.

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