Corba VB communicaton
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Posted By:   Jino_Geroge
Posted On:   Tuesday, July 17, 2001 03:45 AM

I want to communicate From CORBA to Visual Basic and vice versa.Is it possible to communicate between this languages

Re: Corba VB communicaton

Posted By:   Dermot_Hennessy  
Posted On:   Tuesday, July 17, 2001 04:16 AM

Just to be pedantic, CORBA is not a language, but a standard. Communication between languages using the standard depends on an IDL-language mapping for the desired language - so in your case it's IDL-VB.

I may be wrong here, but as VB is Microsoft and Microsoft pushed the COM (has changed name and been refined a couple of times) model for distributed computing, you may need a COM-CORBA bridge. (Other CORBA forum denizens, please correct me if I'm over complicating things here).

IONA provide a product called Orbix COMet which might meet your needs.

Hope this helps,


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