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Posted By:   gennady_meltsin
Posted On:   Tuesday, July 3, 2001 09:11 AM

is it possible to send a message in the intranet without specifying what follows after @ sign
People use outlook in our company with different @extension.com
In my java program all I know is a login name, which is the first part of
e-mail string

Re: intranet voice email

Posted By:   muhammad_waqar  
Posted On:   Sunday, November 4, 2001 11:30 PM

we have a class project about voice mail.which is based on capturing and transfering file from one comuter to other computer on intranet.
Is there any API for voice mail?
we have done the capturing part of the project but the problem is transfering the file to other computer.And the computer who gets this mail should get a message that comuter1(sender) has sent this voice mail.Please answer me soon soon soon soon soon soon soon soon

Re: intranet email

Posted By:   John_Zukowski  
Posted On:   Tuesday, July 3, 2001 09:27 AM

It all depends on how your SMTP server handles the email with no additional domain. It is a valid address to JavaMail.
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