Remote Debugging in Jbuilder from !_NEWLINE_!WebLogic.
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Posted By:   Raghu_Banda
Posted On:   Wednesday, June 27, 2001 10:31 AM

I would like to know if anyone here
has attempted to do a remote debugging
onto JBuilder dev. environment from
the WebLogic Server.

I start my Weblogic Server and now I
want to remotely debug into my dev.
environment on JBuilder.

The .jar files and the web archive
evryhing was generated from Jbuilder.

There is not much info. at either
the borland site or the bea site reg.


Re: Remote Debugging in Jbuilder from !_NEWLINE_!WebLogic.

Posted By:   Sid_Agarwal  
Posted On:   Wednesday, June 27, 2001 11:09 AM

This discussion is regarding Jbuilder 5.0 and WebLogic 6.0 integration. The entire application runs in weblogic we want to be able to debug from Jbuilder. We have set up Jbuilder for remote debugging and selected weblogic as the server to run in the application servers tab. I have setup jbuilder for remote debugging by checking the debug in the runtime configurations and selecting the dt_socket with port 5000. This is the same socket I am listening to in weblogic under the classic virtual machine settings. I start the server and the entire application is running. When I say debug project I get the following error.
IOexception attaching remote java debug process
java.net.ConnectionException: Connection Refused : Connect

Any debugging pointers
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