Upgrade from VisualAge for Java 3.02 to 3.5.3
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Posted By:   Andy_Fanning
Posted On:   Friday, June 15, 2001 05:24 AM

Is there a good way to upgrade from VAJ 3.02 to 3.5.3 without converting the

repository to 3.5.3 until everyone in
my team is running the new version? If

not please give me a good way to go about the upgrade so that we dont hurt

production. One more thing if we upgrade our EMSRV to 7.1 that should still work with VAJ 3.02 right?
Thanks for the help

Re: Upgrade from VisualAge for Java 3.02 to 3.5.3

Posted By:   Eric_Rizzo  
Posted On:   Saturday, June 16, 2001 08:43 PM

The repository can actually contain all the Projects and code that are shared
between multiple versions of VAJ. Remeber, the repository is just a database
of versions of various entities (Projects, Packages, Classes, Methods, etc.) -
it's your workspace that is the view (see
"How does the repository/workspace combination work?"
for a detailed

I've actually had one repository serving three different versions of VAJ at one
time - 2.0, 3.0, and 3.0 Java2. I can't imagine it will be a problem doing the same for 3.02 and 3.5.3.
Just upgrade the users who want/need the latest and let the others continue
as they are -their workspaces will still find the older versions of the core
Projects they need.

Eventually, you may want to purge the old versions once everyone has been
upgraded to the new version.

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