IMAGE on java.awt.MenuItem.. is it possible?
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Posted By:   moonjeong_kim
Posted On:   Monday, May 14, 2001 08:18 AM

Is there any way to draw image in AWT MenuItem?
I know JMenuItem can, but not sure if MenuItem can or not.

Please tell me how to put image into AWT.MenuItem.
If there's NO WAY, please let me know,too.
(cause I don't want to waste time T.T)

Re: IMAGE on java.awt.MenuItem.. is it possible?

Posted By:   Scott_Stanchfield  
Posted On:   Tuesday, May 22, 2001 07:48 AM

The basic answer is "no", but
you may be able to subclass MenuItem and paint the image in its paint() method. I haven't tried it so I wouldn't be able to guarantee.

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