How to put Hashtable or Collection or smth. else in Cloudscape DB?
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Posted By:   Mike_Polin
Posted On:   Friday, May 11, 2001 12:58 PM

Hi. I need to put a Hashtable or smth. like this in Cloudscape 3.6 DB. I use CMP Entity Bean to communicate with it and get SQL from j2ee DeployTool generated. Can I tell him to do everything right? I've tried to write smth. like
public Hashtable bidders=new Hashtable();
bidders.put("one", new Integer(1));
bidders.put("two", new Integer(2));

and the generatd SQL for bidders was smth. like LONG BYTE VARYING. If i called the table from my (web) app, I've got only some weird exception. Any suggestions?

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