Parsing xml on the client
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Posted By:   Tzachi_Herskowitz
Posted On:   Monday, May 7, 2001 04:30 AM

I am trying to write a JSP that takes an XML stream parses it, and creates an HTML output. My problem is that I want the parsing proccess to run on the client side. Can you please tell me how this can be done (without having to write javascript code). It is also important that the output could be viewed on both IE and NS browsers.

Re: Parsing xml on the client

Posted By:   Patrick_Whittingham  
Posted On:   Monday, May 7, 2001 06:01 AM

Just my 2 cent -

Best to my knowledge the only browsers which will work is IE 4+ and NS 6.x, but NOT NS 4.x. IE 4 can only use XML if it is a data island. IE 5.x can be used with the different DOM and SAX parsers. The transformation can be done by XSLT on both the client and server. To do complex stuff with XML, usually javascript/vbscript is necessary for XML DOM.
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