Getting browser to recognise localhost
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Posted By:   Duncan_Clark
Posted On:   Friday, April 27, 2001 03:27 AM

I've installed Tomcat and it starts OK. But when I type in 'http://localhost:8080/' the browser can't find the page. I know this seems a very basic question but I've checked the browser settings (I.E. 5.5) and they don't seem any different from my other system which works fine with Allaire's JRun (I.E. 5.00). Is this a problem with my Tomcat setup or my browser settings? What else might it be?

Re: Getting browser to recognise localhost

Posted By:   yudi_sutanto  
Posted On:   Saturday, April 28, 2001 04:47 AM

I have the same problem.
it runs with netscape but not in IE
IE problem only came out when u r not
connected to internet.

open IE.
when dialog box appear refuse work offline. choose try again instead.
type http://localhost:XXXX
where XXXX is tomcat port number.
the tomcat should serve the page.

Re: Getting browser to recognise localhost

Posted By:   AlessandroA_Garbagnati  
Posted On:   Friday, April 27, 2001 10:31 AM


It does sound strange this behavior. localhost is always recognized and I'm using it every time i need to test some code. I'm afraid that the problem it's somewhere else. First be sure that the http connector of tomcat is listening on port 8080 (check that out on server.xml), then be sure that tomcat is up and running.

Another option, but reading your message it doesn't look possible, is that your browser is using a proxy server even for local addresses.
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