JTabbed Pane initialization problem?
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Posted By:   Steve_Tabler
Posted On:   Friday, April 20, 2001 12:18 PM

I have a JTabbed Pane of 6 tabs. Each is layed out using gridbag. Each has the same layout of 12 (subscripted) JCheckboxes and JButtons. The labels for the JButtons get written using JButton[][].setText(String blah). The labels are different for each button on each tabbed pane. But, they don't always showup correctly. Initially, the gui comes up with the 1st tab selected, and the contents of the first tab is displayed. I can then select any tab from 3-6 at random, but still only get the content of tab pane 1. If I first click tabs 1-6 in 1-6 consecutive order, the correct content comes up, and randomly selecting tabs after that point displays correctly. What is going on and how cna this be solved?

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