1 way Socket communication
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Posted By:   raymond_hon
Posted On:   Wednesday, April 18, 2001 07:29 PM

i am using the PalmOS40 and making my synchronization application that will download the palm device database to my server and do the sync and upload the modified data to the Palm. However, the sync always seems to work one way that means data is indeed retrieved from Palm to my server but upload back to Palm emulator doesn't work. When i use the real PalmV + Ominsky, it works fine. I wonder that if it is the emulator problem? if so, do you guys have any idea that i can test it via the emulator b/c Palm V is not my property.


Re: 1 way Socket communication

Posted By:   Suren_P  
Posted On:   Monday, July 9, 2001 12:15 PM

Could you please let me know how you are able to establish socket communication between the PDA and the desktop? The application I need to write should allow the user to push files (html)from desktop to Palm, connected with HotSync. I would appreciate if I you could give any direction / examples. Thanks a million. Please email to suren_pr@hotmail.com
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