resin/servlet/linux configuration problem
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Posted By:   greg_greg
Posted On:   Tuesday, April 17, 2001 06:31 PM


I developped a small application based mainly on servlets + some jsp files on my computer with resin running locally as httpd
Now i have to transfer it to a server which is working with apache+resin as srun ... i modified the resin.conf to match my local config (added a , 's and 's ) but it won't work, Apache tells me it can't find the files. the jsp pages work fine, but the servlets seem absent...
any idea?

Re: resin/servlet/linux configuration problem

Posted By:   AlessandroA_Garbagnati  
Posted On:   Tuesday, April 17, 2001 06:56 PM


I never had any problem in running resin with apache.

Can you please post the two pieces related to your configuration from the resin and the apache config files?
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