Subclassing SocketImpl/SocketFactory
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Posted By:   milo_mindbender
Posted On:   Monday, April 9, 2001 03:26 PM

Hey all,

I think that i posted this a while ago but i can't find it now, so here it goes:
I have created custom sockets/ServerSockets and want to build and set a socket factory to use in my code rather than call replace each instance of a new socket/S. Does anyone have any pointers - I have created a new SocketFactory implementing SocketImplFactory but am having problems with the SocketImpl class. If anyones got any suggestions, i'd be happy to hear them.



Re: Subclassing SocketImpl/SocketFactory

Posted By:   Tim_Rohaly  
Posted On:   Thursday, April 19, 2001 05:55 PM

setSocketFactory/setSocketImplFactory are both
static methods, meaning that once you set your
own SocketImplFactory, it's used by
all Sockets/ServerSockets from then on.
You certainly do not have to set it for each new instance.

As to your second question, if you can explain what
problems you are having with SocketImpl, perhaps we can
try to help.

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