How do you pass quotes to database?
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Posted By:   Mohammed_Noor
Posted On:   Monday, April 2, 2001 06:09 PM

When I submit through a form a string that has a quote in it, the string will be cut off up to the first quote that pass to the database. I know that the cause of this thing is because the database take the first occurence of ' as a closed character for the variable that I want to insert or update. Is there any way I can overcome this problem? FYI, I am using JavaBeans and Oracle to write the apps. Thank you,

Re: How do you pass quotes to database?

Posted By:   Bruce_Petersen  
Posted On:   Monday, April 9, 2001 09:00 AM

There's a good jGuru article that addresses this issue - this answer also points to a solution using prepared statements:


Good Luck!
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