Is Jakarta-tomcat alone solve my problem
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Posted By:   Anonymous
Posted On:   Saturday, March 24, 2001 10:13 AM

I actually want to use Beans in JSP
but finding a problem
Location: /examples/jsp/StringBean.jsp
Internal Servlet Error:
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP

.........and many more lines

I want to know weather tomcat can call
Beans in Jsp or Apache Server is necessary for doing this work.
Or if only Apache Server can do this
job for me.
If yes then why it is said to install and configure jakarta-tomcat,Apache and mod_jserv.

Re: Is Jakarta-tomcat alone solve my problem

Posted By:   Luigi_Viggiano  
Posted On:   Saturday, March 24, 2001 11:32 AM

Definitely yes! Just Tomcat is enough.

The only thing you have to do, is to put your beans visible to Tomcat, adding it in the CLASSPATH:


java -classpath " omcatlibwebserver.jar; omcatlibjasper.jar; omcatlibxml.jar;libservlet.jar" org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat -config server8080.xml


java -classpath " omcatlibwebserver.jar; omcatlibjasper.jar; omcatlibxml.jar;libservlet.jar;mybeanpath" org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat -config server8080.xml

Jbuilder contains a JSP wizard that make it easy to generate a sample bean related to the JSP page.

I know that currently with JBuilder, this problem, happens if you don't specify the package (I think this is a bug). I you are sperimenting this problem with it, try specifying a package in the wizard.

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