How can I restore a non-versioned class (or method...
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Posted By:   David_BenYaacov
Posted On:   Tuesday, December 12, 2000 12:25 PM

How can I restore a non-versioned class (or method or package or Project) that I have deleted? I've looked through the repository, but can't find it there.

Re: How can I restore a non-versioned class (or method...

Posted By:   Shahram_Khorsand  
Posted On:   Friday, March 16, 2001 05:39 AM


There is always a copy of all non-versioned classes and projects in the repository. However, the repository explorer will only show the versioned classes.

Here is how you might get to the class you are looking for:

  1. For restoring a deleted class, go to the package you had the original class in.
  2. Right click on the package, choose add | class.
  3. In "add dialog" check the "add from repository" radio button.
  4. Now all the classes that is not in the package should be visible. check the classes you are interested to add. Note that if you have versioned classes you'll get the latest version if you don't specify the version.

In order to get to the deleted unversioned packages you have to do the samething as above. Just click on the project|add|package and choose the "add from repository".

Remember that if you compact your repository all the non-versioned packages and classes will be deleted.

Hope it helps!

Shahram Khorsand

Re: How can I restore a non-versioned class (or method...

Posted By:   Anonymous  
Posted On:   Thursday, March 15, 2001 02:15 AM

You can restore everything to the workspace that still exists in the repository, including non-versioned entities.

If you want to restore a non-versioned project, package, class or method to the workspace . Say that you, for example, want to restore a class that you have deleted from a package. You just right-click on the corresponding entity, the package in this case, and choose the following alternatives: Add>Class>Add types from the repository> ... Now you will see all classes and their versions, including open-editions which haven't been versioned, and just choose the one that you want to restore.

If you want to delete a project or package (not classes though) from the repository that consist you can do it with the purge operation, but you can also restore them in the same manner using the restore operation.

Re: How can I restore a non-versioned class (or method...

Posted By:   Markos_Mouzouris  
Posted On:   Monday, February 26, 2001 07:39 AM

Try this:
1. Create a 'new' class with the same name
2. Replace it with your previous unversioned

Re: How can I restore a non-versioned class (or method...

Posted By:   Tom_Kerigan  
Posted On:   Wednesday, February 21, 2001 01:37 PM

If I go to an unversioned class, delete a method, and then go to add another method to the same class, the one that I just deleted shows up if I select the "Add methods from the repository" option. The same holds true for classes, methods and projects. Every one of these that I have deleted, both versioned and un-versioned, shows up in the repository view when adding anything.

Re: How can I restore a non-versioned class (or method...

Posted By:   Michael_Murphy  
Posted On:   Tuesday, February 20, 2001 02:23 PM

When you use the VAJ Repository Explorer (Version 3.0.x or 3.5.x), you will see two view pane option tabs -- "Projects" and "Packages".

Say you remember precisely which package you added the missing class into before it was deleted. Click on the "Packages" tab and the package names in the repository will be listed in alphanumeric order in the left-most pane.

Select your package with a single click (a double click will bring up a "shadow" replica which is handy but not what you want here!).

The editions of your package are listed in the middle pane, the most recently created at the top. Note that the version information always appears in the Repository Explorer (you can toggle it off in your workspace).

What I would do (when looking for a lost class/interface image) would be to click on the most recent edition object and look in the right pane "Types" for the lost class.

If you don't see your lost lamb in the list, click on the next earliest edition and look for it there...

If you still can't find it, try the very powerful Search utility; click on the flashlight icon and fill in your class' name.
Use the "*" as a wild card (it can be a prefix or suffix or both) to help turn up your article. From the status bar of the search results pane (assuming you find it), you can see the package name and edition.

Find and open it in the Repository Explorer to make sure it's the one you want. Then, using the Editions menu of the Repository Explorer, select "Add to Workspace". Go back to your Workbench, hit "Refresh" (PF5) and you should have your missing class back in your Project/Class. (You may have to create an Open Edition of the package in your Workspace).

Michael Murphy
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