How do you drag and drop one row in a JTable to another...
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Posted By:   Jerry_Rekedal
Posted On:   Saturday, March 17, 2001 05:58 PM

How do you drag and drop one row in a JTable to another location in the JTable.

Re: How do you drag and drop one row in a JTable to another...

Posted By:   Rammohan_Meda  
Posted On:   Wednesday, March 28, 2001 11:01 AM

We can do this by creating a library of drag and drop-enabled Swing components.

Issues for drag and drop components

§ Starting the drag operation

§ Drag-under feedback

§ Drag-over feedback

§ The drop

§ Transferable

§ The move operation

The table is a view of the data in its model. If each table cell represents an object in the model, you may want to create a table in which the user can drag and drop individual cells. If the table maps each object to a row and the table columns to the object's attributes, you might want the user to be able to drag and drop a table row.

Starting the drag

§ Check if any edit is in progress, if yes, stop the edit process with javax.swing.JTable.AccessibleJtable.editingStopped()

§ Check the data under the pointer is draggable.

Drag-under feedback

§ Select the row under the pointer for drag-under feedback by the methods javax.swing.Jtable.columnAtPoint() and/or javax.swing.Jtable.rowAtPoint() to determine which row or cell the pointer is over.

Drag-over feedback

§ Check the row and column at the current point.

§ Save the row and column that you used to create the Transferable object, hence you can prevent dragging and dropping on the same cell.

The drop

§ Use the model.setValueAt(row, col) method to replace the selection or create a method in the model that allows insertion before or after the selection.


§ Retrieve the Transferable object from the model. Use the selected row to allow the model to determine how to make the Transferable.

The move operation

§ Use removeNodeFromParent() to remove the node.
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