Log4j -RollingFileAppender -TooManyOpenFiles issue
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Posted By:   Ranjith_Rajkumar
Posted On:   Thursday, January 13, 2011 10:20 AM

In our application we are using RollingFileAppender to create log files for each jobs(Or for users).Once log files are created by log4j, these files are not getting closed by log4j

This results in "TooManyOpenFiles" issue in Linux env where the ulimit is set to 1024 as default.I am trying to close these files by getting logger instance for that job and removing all appenders in it.But even then the log files are not getting closed.

If we increase the ulimit value this issue will be solved.But will this affect memory in any way in Linux?

Is it possible to remove or delete the logger instance by any means ?

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