Is there a utility to handle ByteBuffer? (I really want find methods)
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Posted By:   Kobi_Perl
Posted On:   Thursday, June 19, 2008 05:37 PM

I have a ByteBuffer, and I want to search for an int in that buffer. The reason is that sometimes, when I parse a file, the file is corrupted, and I need to find the next magic, which is an int, so I can get back to the split.

The method getInt in ByteBuffer is very convenient for me because:

A. I don't want the code that deals with the buffer, to know the byte order (in my case it's little endian).

B. I don't want to deal with the bytes on my own - usually it comes out nasty and inefficient.

I can write the "find" code myself, but I prefer asking you - is there a utility that contains methods such as find, count, last etc. for byte buffers?

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