Can't deploy war file using eclipse/tomcat
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Posted By:   galina_bloch
Posted On:   Friday, November 17, 2006 06:52 PM

When I run tomcat under eclipes it shows that war file deployed but it doesn't I have to copy it every time.
I installed plug-in

Re: Can't deploy war file using eclipse/tomcat

Posted By:   piyush_nahata  
Posted On:   Monday, December 25, 2006 05:34 PM

Your tomcat_home/webapps is not the only place where an
application has to be present to be deployed. the application
to be deployed can be present almost anywhere on your
harddrive. The only thing you need to do is one of the

Add an entry for your application in server.xml and specify
where your application is located
create a file in with the name <>.xml and
add default entries in the file and specify where your
application is located. Place this file in

For an example of the format of this file, have a look at the
other files present in this folder.

This is the way the sysdeo plugin for tomcat in eclipse
works. It adds an entry in tomcat_home/conf/server.xml for
the application that you have created and points to the
location of your workspace.

To find if the application has started or not, start your
tomcat, go to the manager application and see the status of
your application there.

Hope that helps,


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