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Posted By:   jas_singh
Posted On:   Wednesday, September 6, 2006 06:54 PM

Im creating a stand alone chat application and am looking to implement a login system. Ive been researching although all login is done online through php etc.

I am NOT looking to do this online and wanted to know how i can implement this feature offline (without the use of applets) using swing while the application searches through a database to retrieve the username and password. I also want to know what is the best database to use to implement this feature. I am using netbeans 5.0


Re: chat application

Posted By:   Robert_Lybarger  
Posted On:   Wednesday, September 6, 2006 09:42 PM

Well, millions of MS Exchange servers backed by MS Access files can't be wrong. [/sarcasm]

More seriously, if this is a hobby sort of a project, I'd just go with MySQL as it has a decently sized community around it. (Also look for the "mysql connector" for Java.) If you just want something *really* light weight that just runs in memory, look into Derby or HSQLDB. I'm less familiar with those guys -- I'm sure they work fine, but they don't really "feel" like a traditional DB system as far as administration goes.

As to implementation, you will still need some sort of central server or master node. You need a database service running on that server, and you need a piece of code that can talk to that database to authenticate users when they try to connect. That code you write can be straight JDBC (which I'll recommend for a hobby project that needs little else) or you can use full-blown persistence management with a tool like hibernate (works great once you finally get everything configured the right way for your app).

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