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Posted By:   baskaran_gunasekaran
Posted On:   Thursday, January 5, 2006 04:42 PM

differece between software development life cycle and model view controller.

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Posted By:   madhu_sudhan  
Posted On:   Tuesday, March 7, 2006 02:24 AM

Model View Controller is an Architecture of the software.
Where as SDLC is the entire life cycle of the Software product from requirements gathering, Design phase , coding and testing

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Posted By:   Christopher_Koenigsberg  
Posted On:   Friday, January 6, 2006 09:34 PM

Are you trying to be profound? if so it is an interesting suggestion, viewing software development itself as a kind of "MVC".

Since the software development "life cycle" never really ends (unless an application is totally thrown away), and the MVC request-response-request cycle never really ends either (until the user quits), it is an interesting parallel ...

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Posted By:   ankush_purwar  
Posted On:   Thursday, January 5, 2006 06:41 PM

MVC is the architecture and s/w development life cycle starts from begining of s/w and finishes until software is ready.

So basically you can say mvc archtecture can be used to design your software then it may become a part of your software devlopment life cycle.
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