Creating tree structure using HTML
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Posted By:   lakshmi_shankar
Posted On:   Monday, December 5, 2005 06:30 AM

I need to develop a tree structure using HTML and JSP...is it possible .please let me know how we acheive it.
The tree structure need to be like the one we can acheive using Swings.
thank u

Re: Creating tree structure using HTML

Posted By:   Axel_Richter  
Posted On:   Monday, December 5, 2005 09:35 AM


you can place a UL/LI-structure in a FORM. All folder-nodes for your tree-structure are submit buttons. Depends on which submit button was clicked, the JSP may return the UL/LI-struckture expanded or not expanded.

Example for fully expanded:


tree structure

  • node 1

    • document imagenode 1.1

    • document imagenode 1.2

    • document imagenode 1.3

  • document imagenode 2

  • node 3

    • node 3.1

      • document imagenode 3.1.1

    • document imagenode 3.2

  • node 4

    • document imagenode 4.1

    • document imagenode 4.2

    • document imagenode 4.3


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