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Posted By:   Ali_Atli
Posted On:   Saturday, October 1, 2005 09:06 AM

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on ways of approaching the problem of building a tool to semi-automatically generate sequence diagrams from source code.

Will it be a matter of starting at the main method in the code and building a list of all of the methods which may be

As you can see I am only at the begining stages and any suggestions and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance..

Ali Atli

Re: sequence diagrams from code

Posted By:   Christopher_Koenigsberg  
Posted On:   Sunday, October 2, 2005 12:17 PM

I think you'll find that there will be a lot of code for which you won't be able to generate one unambiguous sequence diagram.

That's why even the UML modelling tools from Rational do not provide a facility for reverse engineering sequence diagrams from code.

I think you may end up with hundreds, thousands, millions of sequence diagrams from some code, and you won't know what to do with them all, how to distinguish useful/relevant ones from others .....

Of course I could be wrong, and maybe there's a class of programs for which your tool might find a more limited, manageable set of possible execution sequences...... but then I suspect that modelling those programs wouldn't benefit from the use of sequence diagrams in the first place.
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