Decompile Java class file
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Posted By:   Sarah_Fan
Posted On:   Tuesday, April 5, 2005 01:28 AM

Decompile Java class file

Hi All, I decompiled some java class files using DJ, but
the source code I got is not completely correct in
syntax. And there are also function names
called 'a','e', or class names called 'a','f',etc.. I
would like to know whether the function name or class
name is actually like this or DJ did not decompile it
correctly. Is there any good decompiler except for DJ?

Thanks a lot,


Re: Decompile Java class file

Posted By:   WarnerJan_Veldhuis  
Posted On:   Tuesday, April 5, 2005 03:52 AM

DJ probably decompiled it OK. The source is obfuscated. That means that the original developer "scrambled" his sourcecode so that the compiler will understand it, but the human that decompiles it does not understand it anymore.

There is usually nothing you can do about it.... Unless you know the developer and ask for the source ;)
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