how to generate an Auto mail
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Posted By:   Anonymous
Posted On:   Friday, December 24, 2004 02:25 AM


I got a problem...
Please tell me how to generate an auto mail.

I want to send an auto generated mail through SERVLET/ JSP WHEN i get a mail .

How can I invoke a servlet automatically when I get a mail.

Please reply,

Its an urgent...


Re: how to generate an Auto mail

Posted By:   WarnerJan_Veldhuis  
Posted On:   Friday, December 24, 2004 02:38 AM

That is something you should do on your server where you receive your mail.... Make a cron-job, and let it execute sendmail. You cannot have a servlet detect if you got mail.... A servlet handles a client request, not respond to mail....

All that is left is the ugliest solution I have ever seen, and that is to start your servlet, let it run in an endless loop, and let the servlet check your mailbox using JavaMail..... Still I wonder what happens if your session expires and your appserver kills the servlet

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