My server runs *really* slow when I add a simple java GUI ontop, any ideas?
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Posted By:   Trevor_Rowe
Posted On:   Tuesday, October 12, 2004 06:11 PM

Okay, heres my problem. I have a simple multithreaded server I wrote in java, and it works great. I tried to write a simple GUI portion to run and monitor the server through and when I run the server inside this is *crawls*. How slow? Well, right now the server spawns server threads that handle the client connections and all they do is echo plain text back to the client. Response is very fast. With the gui, expect about 6 second delays before a response is received.

Ideas: i suspect it has to do solely with the GUI, but I don't know. If I change the main in the GUI only to create a server an no instance of the gui, it runs fine... this is tough... Thanks for any help I get!

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