Newb: Best way to getting started?
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Posted By:   Ritchie_Smith
Posted On:   Thursday, September 30, 2004 05:51 AM

I have a page for people to book resources e.g. a room. I need to check for valid booking time to make sure that there is no clashing. The fields stored in the DB is DateStart, DateEnd (type Date), TimeStart, TimeEnd (type Time). Someone already wrote the booking code without the checking code. This booking code is written with GregorianCalendar for the date/time fields. In order for me to write the checking code, i have to somehow compare this Gregorian date/time with the date/time in the DB, so this is what i come up with: ----Code---- Calendar from, to; -- some SQL statement to get the date and time from the DB while(rs.next()) { from = makeCalendar(rs.getDat   More>>

Sorry if this forum isn't intended for beginning struts programmers like me.
I'm gonna develop a struts application (schoolproject).
This in combination with a database (which one is not certain yet). I've got flowcharts, datamodels (for the database) and basicly the whole application will be about submitting forms (fill in your taxes and such and submit it to the database). All this with JSP too.

So my question is, what is the best way to start, I've read different things, but still..I have absolutely no idea where and how to start this whole project.
Should I begin with the exterior e.g. userinterface/layout or should i begin writing classes and such?

Please help me out with this beginners info, cause everyone and everywhere is telling me how easy it should actually be (using struts and it's classes), but I'm stressing out about it.


Re: Newb: Best way to getting started?

Posted By:   Anonymous  
Posted On:   Sunday, October 3, 2004 12:50 AM

I agree it is a very basic question and let me try to answer which you may not take as absolute one as the approaches may differ with people.

(1)Since you say it involves database, first design the database tables.

(2) Decide on the Application server ie. JBoss, WL or something similar. If you decide not to use EJB then forget this step.

(3) Write a simple JDBC test connection program to test your environment to work properly with JDBC.

(4) Design your GUIs ie. HTML screens.

(5)Once atleast one screen is ready, then create a Form class and Action class for that screen. Then convert the HTML files with Struts tags. This includes your Processor class writing and struts-config.xml file createion etc. to build the basic struts framework.

For step5 you must know the basics of Struts framework.
(6) If you don't use EJB then your action (or other Java classes) will make use of the JDBC to connect to the database for your data storage and retrieval.

Now deploy your work in the WebServer and keep going further with other screens.

If you are a first timer, you may struggle for about a few day to figure out and compare yours with some Struts sample application etc. then you will get it right and start enjoying coding !!

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