Upgrading j2sdk1.4.0 to j2sdk1.4.2
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Posted By:   Vineet_Billorey
Posted On:   Saturday, July 17, 2004 04:32 AM

i have j2sdk1.4.0 for linux. do i need to download j2sdk1.4.2 and install it completely or can i directly upgrade j2sdk1.4.0 to j2sdk1.4.2 for linux

Re: Upgrading j2sdk1.4.0 to j2sdk1.4.2

Posted By:   Simon_Ablett  
Posted On:   Monday, July 19, 2004 06:09 AM

No you can't technically upgrade (necessary since more than one version of J2SE can exist at any given time on a single machine). Download the new version and install it. I tend to use a directory hierarchy similiar to the following.

/apps/java_fin/j2se/latest -> ./1.4.1
...and so on...

Once a new version has been downloaded, installed and regression tested I move the latest pointer (note I use Unix and so this facility is not available under Windows) to reference the new installation. This means that my users do not update their profiles which use '/apps/java_fin/j2se/latest' in their JAVA_HOME and PATH variables as they will automatically pick up the change. It also means that if a user wants / needs to use an older version of the API they can amend their profiles locally to explictly reference it.

Ok, I know that this is more information than you requested ;-)

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