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Posted By:   arun_ramachandran
Posted On:   Monday, March 22, 2004 02:01 AM

Hi friends,

I am developing mail client project using java mail api/

jsp.In that ,when i sending the message to multiple
recipents,if any one of the recipient address is
invalid, the message will not send to any recipients.

How can we send message to multiple recipients except invalid recipient.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Multiple Recipients

Posted By:   John_Smith  
Posted On:   Saturday, April 3, 2004 02:38 PM

A thought born out of my own misery: I only had a problem if the faulty email address belonged to the ISP I was sending from, otherwise no problem (the message may bounce, but no exception will be thrown). As an ugly first solution, I would be tempted to separate emails sent to the same ISP as my mail server, send the non-associated emails (which won't throw and exception if the addresses are incorrect), and then experiment with the associated ones (you will be told which addresses are faulty in the Exceptions: eliminate them.)

I aien't no expert, and there may well be better solutions out there. But I appreciate any help I can get when faced with an intractable problem.

John S.

Aylmer, PQ.

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