How I18n works ?
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Posted By:   rajeev_ranjan
Posted On:   Thursday, February 19, 2004 04:46 AM


I am new to this concept,and want to know how I18n works.

My doubt is -

1) How to find out the country by incoming Locale reuqest?

2) After finding out the country how to change the default
Locale(English) to some other Locale?



Re: How I18n works ?

Posted By:   Stephen_Ostermiller  
Posted On:   Saturday, March 20, 2004 06:36 AM

For a standalone java application, the locale should be specified by the operating system and the default locale should reflect this.

I suspect that you are asking about a web server. For a web server, the desired locale is sent by the user in the header of the page. You read the header to figure this out. The header is "accept-lang".

You can then use that language in your response by getting the resource bundle for the requested locale and using that resource bundle to construct the responese:

new Locale(language)
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