How useful is declaritive security?
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Posted By:   Louise_Rochford
Posted On:   Saturday, January 24, 2004 04:00 AM

I've heard that declarative secruity is great but starts to become insufficient / difficult to manage in more complex apps.

Has anyone come across this experience?

I'm considering writing my own custom registry or bespoke login/logout module, but this would obviously be rather more work... is it worth it?

Re: How useful is declaritive security?

Posted By:   Anjan_Bacchu  
Posted On:   Saturday, January 24, 2004 12:11 PM

Hi There,

It all depends upon your requirements.

There is a book on J2EE security -- see .

Essentially, you need to remember that declarative security provided by your appserver has been tested over time and probably good for 70%(note NOT 80% of the circumstances) but you might have to go beyond that for 30% of the circumstances. 90% of a a typical project's security requirements will fall under the 70% category. If you can manage the rest of the 10% by your custom code, that should be fine rather than reinvent the wheel and have to go through a lot of testing/discovering.


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