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Posted By:   Maik_Zimpel
Posted On:   Thursday, November 6, 2003 08:18 AM

When I run the RMI Server on a different Machine,
it throws an AccessControlException everytime a Client calls a remote methode.
If both (client and server) run on the same machine it works fine. The Exception looks like this:

java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.net.SocketPermission accept,resolve)...

The funny thing is, I explicitly specified port 21475 and altered the policy file accordingly.

I have no clue, what I'm doing wrong.
Does anybody have an idea ?

Thanks in advance, Maik

Re: AccessControlException

Posted By:   Genady_Beryozkin  
Posted On:   Saturday, November 8, 2003 02:39 AM

Where is your registry running?
You can register an object on an RMI server only
from a local machine.

Genady Beryozkin,

Author of the RMI Plugin for Eclipse


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