2 forms, populate the same drop down
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Posted By:   Luigi_Corleone
Posted On:   Wednesday, October 15, 2003 12:42 AM

Staff Movements function switchDiv(div_id) { var style_sheet = getStyleObject(div_id); if (style_sheet) { hideAll(); changeObjectVisibility(div_id, "visible"); populateselect(div_id); } else { alert("sorry, this only works in browsers that do Dynamic HTML"); } } function getStyleObject(objectId) { // checkW3C DOM, then MSIE 4, then NN 4. // if(document.getElementById && document.getElementById(objectId)) { return document.getElementById(objectId).style; } else if (document.all && document.all(objectId)) { return document.all(objectId).style; } else if (document.layers && document.layers[objectId]) { return document.layers[objectId]; } else { return false; } } function changeObjectVisibility(objectId   More>>
Staff Movements

I have 2 forms "employmentForm" and "transferEmploymentForm"

Their visibility is set from two option buttons. When the form loads and an option button is clicked, I want the dropdowns to populate with the array. At present only the new employee form is correct. Here's the code:

Thanks for your help



Employee Movements

Authorising Manager or Delegate only to complete this form. Prior to
purchase of equipment or vehicle, the Authorising Manager will be contacted to
validate the purchase. PC's will be set up with Microsoft Office, Outlook and
the business applications selected. Please specify any other specific software

Select Category:

New Employee




Re: 2 forms, populate the same drop down

Posted By:   Sujatha_Gopal  
Posted On:   Wednesday, October 15, 2003 01:49 AM

Format and send the code.

Since the Code is also long it is diffcult to analyse without proper formatting.

Also when posting the code, donot send the complete code like including the lines say

Since there are not much helpful in finding the solution.

Send the part of Code which troubleshoots.
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