Forwarding within beans
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Posted By:   Justin_Denning
Posted On:   Monday, October 6, 2003 08:06 PM

I want to have a bean validate an integer input by a user from a jsp. If the integer is within accepted parameters, it will go on to be inserted into a database. If it is not, I want it to be forwarded back to the input screen. However, I am running into problems placing the forward statement into the bean. How should the rough statement of this look-specifically the forward statement portion.

Thanks for any assistance.

Re: Forwarding within beans

Posted By:   Sujatha_Gopal  
Posted On:   Tuesday, October 7, 2003 05:26 AM

You want to validate the integer input in JSP only not in Javascript???

Usually these type of validations will be handled in Client side itself.

Anyway try once response.sendRedirect instead of forward statement.
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