Embedding details in a webpage using Javascript
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Posted By:   Abhishek_Vijaygopal
Posted On:   Wednesday, August 27, 2003 10:09 PM

I am coding a form that would be sent by email to subscribers. They would be reqd to send their details in the form by embedding their details in the Textfields / Textareas correspondingly present in the form, and replying with the filled in form as an attachement to their reply email.

Can I embed the reply in the Textfields / Textareas using javascript and save them there itself? Is this possible in a browser independent fashion? It must work in all versions of IE and Netscape to begin with, atleast.

Pls clarify at the earliest!

Re: Embedding details in a webpage using Javascript

Posted By:   Nitesh_Naveen  
Posted On:   Thursday, August 28, 2003 01:47 AM

I guess what you mean is that you need to maintain the entry in the form by users. This isn't possible with html. Just send them the form in MS Word or something!!! HTML is not used to retain data.
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