great code wont work
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Posted By:   Glenn_Campbell
Posted On:   Wednesday, June 25, 2003 03:03 PM

Hello, I am having problems with my website, there is a nice bit of javascript on it but it partly works and partly does not work. go to www.comsco.co.uk/comsco click on model cf7789 build at the bottom left hand side, the user must click on the bare system to continue which is fine, the problem is if there is only one item in the section as the bare system and the floppy drive, if the are checked and submitted the items will not be carried through but if there is more than one item the code workes fine. help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: great code wont work

Posted By:   Nitesh_Naveen  
Posted On:   Thursday, June 26, 2003 01:34 AM

Didn't understand what you are trying to do/ what the problem is. Can you tell us step by step what you are doing and where the unexpected behaviour is?
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