JDBC access to meta information
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Posted By:   At_Nite
Posted On:   Wednesday, June 18, 2003 12:49 AM

Is there a JDBC way of saying "give me info about the tables I have access, no matter to which schema they originally belong"?

Re: JDBC access to meta information

Posted By:   srikanth_medasani  
Posted On:   Thursday, June 19, 2003 04:20 AM

yes we can get information of the tables like tablenames, column names for the given table, data type of the columns etc..

**put schema as null** you will have access to all the tables, while using the methods where schema is asked.

In the java API

java.sql package

there are 2 interfaces

ResultSetMetaData, DatabaseMetaData have many methods to get information on the tables and columns.

hope this will help you,


Srikanth Medasani
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