Classes and JSP in Tocat-4.1.24
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Posted By:   Anonymous
Posted On:   Tuesday, June 17, 2003 03:56 AM

Where to put the class files and how to call them in the jsps in Tomcat-4.1.24.

In Tomcat-3.2.4 I used to put them in WEB-INF/classes and call them. The same jsp's working in Tomcat-3.x are not working in 4.1.24 version. Any idea???
Thanx in advance

Re: Classes and JSP in Tocat-4.1.24

Posted By:   Michael_Duffy  
Posted On:   Tuesday, June 17, 2003 10:32 AM

Java classes still go in WEB-INF/classes in your application context. If you had class foo in package bar, you'd have a directory tree that would read WEB-INF/classes/bar/foo.class. Your JSP, named baz.jsp, would have a tag that would read . If your application context was myApp, you'd invoke it by typing http://localhost:8080/myApp/baz.jsp

I'm assuming that you mean one of your classes. Better yet, packaged up into a WAR file.

What does "not working" look like? HTTP error 404 or 500? Or just not acting the way you think they should? - MOD

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