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Posted By:   Rick_Co
Posted On:   Tuesday, May 6, 2003 04:21 PM

After Using An Applet For Password Protection Of A page, I found That The Protected Page Could Be Accessed After The User Had Left The Protected Page By Using The Back Button Or Saving The Protected Page As A favorite. How Can One Force People To Use The Password Page And Disable The Above? I Am New To This So If The Answer Is Simple Be Kind Please .. :)

Re: Page Security

Posted By:   Matan_Amir  
Posted On:   Tuesday, June 10, 2003 02:39 AM

Unfortunately, there is no real way to prevent a user from saving a web page. One way or another he/she will be able to save the information offline. That is, assuming, of course that it's in html form. If you display confidential information inside an applet, activex, or plugin, then the designer has more control over security.

For the issue of managing user *access* to a protected page, the best and most reliable way is to either use your webserver's built in security mechanism (like challenge-response authentication) or password protect the page with a server-side login mechanism linked to your own user database (which is what most sites do today). You can even use both.

The details of either one of these solutions is dependent on your architecture and software. You can post any relevant questions in the proper forums for each :)

Hope that helps,

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