why does my applet refuse to load?
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Posted By:   Don_Robison
Posted On:   Saturday, March 15, 2003 08:01 AM

I can view my applet with the java run-time environment application, but I cant view it with my IE web-browser. It gives me an error message "load: class Remote not found". Remote.class is in the same directory as the htm file. Why wont it load properly? you can take a look for yourself http://www.geocities.com/triplehelix2000/Remote.htm

- I thank you for your time.

Re: why does my applet refuse to load?

Posted By:   Martin_Vogt  
Posted On:   Saturday, March 15, 2003 12:29 PM

the ie doesn't load the applet because of the old ms-vm it is
using. You have to tell ie to use the right jre-vm.
This can be done by ie-setting (extra - options - use the sun java vm - or something like that).
or the option can be also activated by the java control panel (in system properties - java plugin - browser)
Another way is to use the htmlconverter-tool (look in your
sun java sdk bin-directory).

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